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Portable ABS Glider Generator Exercise Equipment & Abdominal Toning Machine

Tired of going to the gym for a workout? Want to get those hard abs?


Worry no more for the CWL-Ab Glider is here. Enjoy workouts with the ab glider. Try different positions on the ab glider to get your desired body shape. Featuring an ergonomic cushion design, it is made for comfort and quality workout. Combines cardio training with body toning and thus creates a unity in the body that trains both sagging, unstressed muscles, as well as it promotes a fast fat burning.


You do that in a fraction of time, and with fun and motivation, whether in front of the TV or on the terrace. You will instantly feel how all muscle groups simultaneously are trained, abdomen, legs, arms, back and buttocks. For effective weight loss and effective calorie burning make a complete crunch movement. Set the difficulty level individually and bring your body in the right mood. It can be folded to save space easily and tucked behind a cupboard or a door.