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You can now cook healthy food faster and save energy costs without sticking on the pan!



Try our new Innovative Ceramic Coating and Excellent frying capability combination of Ceramic and heat-conducting Base Ceramic surface is white and carries a ceramic non-stick coating, for allowing cooking with little or no fat, and the heat distributed evenly across its surface. The ceramic surface is incredibly tough, so the pan is suitable even for flame and baking.

Our Ceramic Pan enables you to start healthy cooking - with less fat, more taste, and less energy consumption. Ceramic coated pans give an amazing non-stick surface, so with almost no oil needed, cooking is a lot healthier. Unlike Teflon that peels off and fades, ceramic lasts forever. Non-Stick Ceramic pan has a bonded solid ceramic surface the next hardest surface to diamond that allows you to cook at 400 degrees Celsius or 750 degrees Fahrenheit so you can cook hotter and faster other than an ordinary pan.



• Material: Ceramic with aluminum base
• Diameter (cm): Frying pan-20, Frying pan-24, Frying pan-28
• Anti-stick ceramic prevents food from sticking
• Heat conducting base spreads the heat equally across the pan
• Anti-stick ceramic prevents food from sticking
• Environmentally-friendly materials
• Fry without oil