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Steam and Frying Cooking Pot with Steam Tray and Frying Basket

Multifunction Pot 3 in 1 Stainless Steam and Deep Frying Cooking Pot with Boil Basket (22 CM)



🥘Deep Fryer 22 cm Multifunction pot 3 in 1 - Stainless🥘

✅Can be used for frying, steaming, and cooking.

✅Made of stainless steel stainless steel.

✅Equipped with heat-resistant glass lid.

✅With the deep fryer frying method, your frying result will cook evenly.

✅Handle handle is made of plastic. Can be 3 in 1, frying, boiling and steaming.



🥘Pan diameter 22 with height 17 cm handle length 18 cm.

✅Deep fryer with medium capacity that can be used for business or even households that enjoy dry frying.

✅Can be used to fry potatoes (french fries), sausages, meatballs, brains, chicken and much more.

✅DEEP frying is a method of frying food to produce dry and crunchy food.