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Ultrasonic Turbine Washing Machine


  • 2-in-1 Mini USB Ultrasonic Turbine Spin Dryer Laundry Washer Portable Washing Machine,Travel Washing Device Machine for Clothes,Vegetable Fruit, Underwear,Socks,Glasses
  • Easy to use: the suction cup sucks the bottom of the washing machine, the other side sucks the side wall of the bucket, fixes the washing machine, soaks the light clothes with the right amount of water, pours the appropriate amount of washing liquid, turns on the washing machine, starts washing the clothes, and washes Complete unplug the power
  • Safety: After the washing machine has been in operation for 30 minutes, it will automatically shut down and restart the USB plug to work
  • Multi-purpose: not only can wash clothes, but also can wash fruit and t-shirts, shirts, light skirts, close-fitting clothing, socks and other small lightweight clothing, do not use jeans, jackets and other heavy clothing
  • Convenience: The product size is 13x13x5.3cm, which is not only convenient for cleaning small and medium-sized items, but also convenient for travel, so that you can easily clean your clothes